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Syinc Blog

Here we muse about creativity & innovation, and document (some of) the work we're doing about it in Singapore.

FailStock: Talking failure in Sg (yes that's right)

Bernise Ang

A bunch of friends from Syinc, Conjunct Consulting, SGE, and (yes he is practically an organisation unto himself!) came together to host a small un-conference discussing the very-taboo-in-Sg notion of Failure.

Singapore's first, it seems - even before FailCon Singapore! (It was, of course, on a much smaller scale though.) FailStock did, unfortunately, succeed. In its modest goal of simply getting people to talk about the nature of failure, and more importantly, their failures.

Some takeaways for us:

i) An environment/culture that accepts failure is really helpful. While we're getting there, the framing of our own failures is even more important.

ii) Framing of failure also helps you learn from it more effectively.

ii) The path to success is often not linear at all. And, being open to serendipity helps.

Which led us to ask (not out loud lah, we're Singaporeans).... uh, should we really be starting up stuff in Singapore? Hmm.

Here, a (brief) visual story of some things we ended up talking about.

The way failure is framed makes a huge difference.The S-curve of changeFour attributes of foundersSharing startup experiences


L-R: Hellos; Isaac from SGE; 3 co-founders hangin out (not from the same startup)