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Here we muse about creativity & innovation, and document (some of) the work we're doing about it in Singapore.

T&D10: The Open Mic Experiment

Bernise Ang

So we realized that since we were sick of lectures and that after all it is T&D’s 10th edition. We wanted to do things really differently.

So as our guest speaker for this time … we had you.

Ten unknown speakers from startups or not-yet-started-ups pitching their ideas looking for support, funding or just simply your facebook like. 

The very very quick low-down on the line-up:

Pamela & Adeline • Saught

Jewellery from scrap metal from decommissioned mines in Cambodia. Instruments for war into pieces for peace.

Sophia • The Everyday Revolution

Art from autistic adults who slip through the cracks after their education. And they can draw really well.

Alan • Unheard Theatre

A performing arts group for the hearing impaired.

Dione • Kenyan Riders

So that talented athletic Kenyans can have employment – through having them cycle professionally. Because there has not been an African Lance Armstrong yet in history.

Ivan • BagoSphere

Providing employability training for rural Pinoy youth so as to bridge the gap between call centres saturated in Makati City, and rural youth seeking jobs and opportunity.

Kenneth & Linan • openlectures

Quality, free education through video lessons online. Because education should not be given to only those with money for tuition.


Because Singapore isn’t that boring. So why do people say so? Shadowing cool Singaporeans and their lives might just show otherwise.

Hui Ying (and Yong Hao)

For soil, people and community. Promoting urban gardening to help the community at large.

Brennan • Geeks & Gov

Connecting geeks and government. Because geeks have good ideas, and gov could use some of them.

After the 9, we made an impromptu call for anyone else who felt inspired to pitch after hearing everyone - and we had one! Rusydi from Reactor, which builds up students with entrepreneurial skills through mentorship in schools. The plug: for alumni of all schools to join the effort!

Rusydi plugging Reactor, impromptu

At the end, we had the pitchers in a firing squad-ish formation of sorts, as they took questions via paper aeroplanes thrown by the audience.

We were really chuffed 1) because the turnout was good and even made Broun Café rather cramped, 2) because the number of people wanting to pitch were way beyond our expectations and 3) because the participants shared that they found it useful - whether this was because of the feedback they got from the flying paper aeroplanes or the people. 

You can bet that we’ll be having another such event soon. And that all the other people who we didn’t managed to squeeze within our time will have another chance to engage a crowd as large as this time. Watch this space.