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Syinc Blog

Here we muse about creativity & innovation, and document (some of) the work we're doing about it in Singapore.

Jamming with IDEO, again

Bernise Ang

Hi y'all!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our creative jamming night this week - we had a truly terrific session, fuelled by your unbridled quirky creative idealism.
This was our second Syinc IDEO collaboration this year, but in a totally different style from the first, and it blew us all away. For those not in the know, we had a night of creative concepting, coming up with weird, wacky and wonderful ideas. Everything sprouted from a single OpenIDEO challenge
How might we inspire and enable communities to take more initiative in making their local environments better?
So what happened on the night? (Not everything was an app!) Here's a snapshot of the concepts - and there were many more: 
THE TIME MACHINE: Mobile App that crowdsources the history of spaces in Singapore (like Foursquare check-ins, but for events in our past). Also by getting folks to submit old photos, a virtual world alá PhotoSynth could be generated – now imagine scrubbing across the screen to jump backwards and forwards in time.
PARTY TRAIN: Late night MRT trains wired up to party – with speakers, a DJ, and moodlights – it's not to difficult to imagine that revellers can continue their partying all the way home, secretly getting them home without drunk driving. It's like the best anti drink driving solution ever. Maybe?

(also, this was voted crowd favourite!) 

COMPLAINTEREST: What if complaints were creative opportunities? Well… they are! This team decided that by aggregating complaints, they'd be able to craft community calls-to-action: getting community innovators/entrepreneurs to take on the challenges. After all, one man's complaint is another man's business case right?

(COMMUNITY) LIBRARY OF EVERYTHING: So how do you solve the "I'd like to use something, but only need it infrequently" problem? Well, that's what we've used libraries for (books). Why don't we extend that metaphor over to -hardware tools, cooking implements, instruments, "stuff", or even services?- everything else? Imagine walking past to what appears to be a wonderfully curated garage sale – but year-round, and with no money ever changing hands. It's like a community Library of Everything.

Now go make it real, or someone else will. ;) Start here.


L-R: Khairu, Haresh & gang. Quintessential Dave. In the thick of it. More great pics here. Credit: Shawn Danker

But seriously. We'd really like to see some of these ideas (and the others, and others) happen. With a little bit of TLC, we can cause a little creative joy & spontaneity. If you've gotten just as stoked as we have - and have already posted a bunch load of things on the OpenIDEO challenge page - get in touch. We may have fun(d) things for you.