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Syinc Blog

Here we muse about creativity & innovation, and document (some of) the work we're doing about it in Singapore.

Think&Drink with Casey Wilson of Wokai (我开)

Bernise Ang

Left: our lovely crowd; Right: Casey Wilson from

Where it happened | Players Bar @ Clarke Quay

When | Mar 5 Saturday

Who | Casey Wilson, co-founder of

This Think&Drink was a big eye-opener on microfinance in China, and what Wokai is doing in that space. We learnt heaps on what's happening with Wokai and with China's MFI space - operationally, legally, financially. For example, did you know that Kiva, a similar web portal for peer-to-peer microlending of global reach (and made famous by Oprah), chose not to enter China because of the regulatory issues they would face? (Extra props to Casey and team for taking this on.)

Btw, anyone with any mandarin language abilities whatsoever should check out Casey's interview (comes in 3 parts!) on Phoenix TV in China. Her Chinese is impressive (and would put many Singaporeans to shame!).

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